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Does compost tea really work?


Yes it does and it works rather well on plants that do not like the extreme heat like my four oh’ clocks and cosmos.
This is what they looked like about 7:00pm tonight before I gave them a one gallon drink of home-made compost tea. They were not happy at all:

Only 45 minutes later they looked like this:

That’s amazing!
On another note, get a load of what my freshly planted watermellon seeds are doing:

I think that I have a bunch of “happy campers” for now!

The Banana Peppers growing in the “wild” did not like today’s 105 deg. summer heat at all:

The same peppers growing in an old wine barrel that was amended with compost, lava-sand, green-sand, expanded shale, zeolite, and shredded tree trimmings for mulch are showing no heat stress at all and are producing new peppers like crazy:

These banana peppers that are planted in my most rich organic environment are showing the least amount of “heat stress” this summer and have not been bothered by any native bugs or other “plant-stress related” issues..

MOST interesting!

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105 deg N2?....Goodness how do you manage in such heat???

26 Jul, 2011


I'd certainly flop ... never mind the plants! Water melons are looking good . . . . .

26 Jul, 2011


The heat is murder, Motinot... My daily routine has been a watering schedule that will keep my most prized plants alive and hopefully keep some of the turf alive..
We had a great blessing from "mother nature" a week ago! Ants had built a huge mound inside our "city water meter" that is buried about 1ft deep. Apparently, the city worker that reads all of the water meters looked at ours and thought, "I'll pass on this one and just roll last month's figure into the next bill".. That has allowed me to totally WEAR OUT my sprinklers and watering at NO extra charge!
Despite the intense heat, most of my plants are hanging in there and looking pretty good. ;-)

27 Jul, 2011


I always wondered what was the purpose of Ants ... now I know ... lol! : o )))

27 Jul, 2011

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