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Life after Megs


Been busy in the garden all day, I feel the need to keep my mind occupied. Today my first full day off work since saying goodbye to megs, how strange it is to come home and not be greeted with a waggie tail, digging away today it occured to me what a nosey dog she was, every time I turned the earth she would be there seeing what I had unearthed pawing at the worms and sniffing the snails. Whenever something new appeared in the garden it would be thoughly investigated until she was satisfied that it could stay, many a time we locked eyes….me defying her not to dig up a newly planted shrub, a battle of wills that she won every time. She would have gone crazy today when steve the squirral was in my walnut tree breaking all the nuts off and letting them drop to the ground (Steve cant believe his luck) think Im going to be seeing a lot more of him now Meg the squirral scarer is not around. I dug up a few old smelly chews today that she had buried for a rainy day and swallowed the lump in my throat. When Megs was a pub dog every new customer would have to go through the Megs test which involved a lot of sniffing (sometimes slightly embarrassing) a lot of licking if they past the test or a stare if they didnt. We usually found that she was a very good judge of charactor. So this Meg free life is going to take a bit of getting used to but I have come to the conclusion that I should’nt be sad but rejoice that I was able to rescue Megs from the dog home and spend fifteen wonderful years with her. Pets eh? who’d have them.

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Good to hear you sounding so positive. Pets do leave a hole when they leave us.

3 Aug, 2008


I am very sorry to hear that you've lost your friend and fellow gardener. You must have a lot of happy memories of her and you are right to rejoice that she had a happy life with you, and you with her. RIP Megs.

3 Aug, 2008


sounds like megs a great life with a lovely owner, take care.

3 Aug, 2008


The place seems so still and empty after the loss of a pet. It's a horrible feeling. In time you'll find the memories not so painful and you'll enjoy looking back at her life with you.

3 Aug, 2008


Big Hugs 2 u New2Gardening Im so very very sad 4 your Terrible Loss :( Just 2 let u Know if you need a shoulder im Here/GOYs Here XXX

3 Aug, 2008


meg sounds as if she was quiet a character,, she had a brilliant life with you, well done for saving her from a dogs home.

3 Aug, 2008


thanks for all your comments it a comfort to know you care

3 Aug, 2008


Sorry to hear about meg, Breaks your heart to loose your dog friend, I think we all have been there, i get comfort from the fact my dogs have lived full lives, and lived untill old age, Still hurts like He*l Tho,..Hugs from Dee..

3 Aug, 2008


I know it will be a sad day when my Mandy leaves...and I hope I can be a brave as you are Newtogardening. Some hold a special place in our hearts that no other can fill but I hope you find another companion...

3 Aug, 2008


Sorry to hear your sad news.When we lost our Boxer dog 'Brigand' after nine years we were devastated, and we still think about him. He was a loyal, faithful friend and we know exactly what its like to loose a great companion who has shared your life with you for so long.
Im sure you will have very happy memories of your lovely dog Meg.
We send our best wishes,
From Grenville and Alan.

4 Aug, 2008


Yes there is life after Megs but its a little different go on get another dog cos you deserve it and so do they. Never be sad Megs is fine , just relish in your Happy thoughts of her. Little

12 Aug, 2008


Ihad a best friend called Jack.He was a bit of everything.I was in renal failure when my children bought Jack for me from the Distressed kennels.Sometimes when we started to go for walks across the park and up into the woods,Jack would be bouncing from root and fallen bough,he was so happy I could hear him chuckling to himself when he eventually dropped to a halt.When he was two,he had an accident after some drunken lout had shattered a beer bottle.Some of it,only God knows how,dropped on the muddy path me and Jack used to walk home along and he cut his pad badly.From that minute when that glass sliced through his lovely pad,everything began to go wrong for Jack.I wish I had not started this because its bringing tears to my eyes.About six month later his knee on his back leg collasped and he had to have the bones pinned.When he could'nt walk I would carry him to the places where he loved to be.The Vet' who should have run further tests,decided Jack was putting weight on and put him what amounted to a cardboard diet which the old fellow hated.When after a month he had not lost weight I took him off it.Good job I did.Another vet looked at him and asked me if I would agree to a battery of tests,hormone counts and blood.Ten days later the results came back.I wanted to scream at the sky and ask God why my Jack.He was my best friend,he was loving and loyal,warm and soft hearted and now he had Cushings disease,a tumour on his pituary gland which was inoperable.Three month later as I sat with him in our garden,he looked up and me,telling me he was leaving me for now and he died in my arms.He now lies beneath the michaelmas daises and foxdrops.It has been a long time since that day but still I say goodnight to him;my little fellow

21 Nov, 2009


I know Meg must still be in your heart,and you are still feeling the hurt.

Did you rescue another Dog?

I am a Newcomer only joined a few Days ago, just browsing through saw
your Blog, made me feel very sad. Hope you are feeling a bit better now?

Freesiaperson x

27 Jan, 2010


So sorry about your Megs xx hugs

6 Aug, 2010

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