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My back garden


By nita


Well got some really annoying news at the weekend, at the back of our garden there is a block of flats which the council want to knock down, when we saw the plans they want to take three quarters of my garden and put a public foot path between me and my neighbours,im so not happy, aslo we will have 2 lots of flats and 4 houses built in my neighbours garden. They (council) have said that my back garden will be for used for the new houses bins oh wot joy, my neighbours garden will be a parking lot and 2 houses. As you can tell none of us are happy and will be attending a meeting next week, will keep you informed. x

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Oh - what awful news for you. I really hope you win the battle against the might of the Council! Good luck at the meeting. Hugs.

3 Jun, 2009


this is awful nita. they should be increasing green spaces not taing it away.

3 Jun, 2009


Oh what a rotten situation. How can they just go ahead and make that kind of decision. That's ridiculous. Its always about money. If they squish things in then they can add a couple of extra flats or homes and therefore gain more cash. You can bet they wouldn't be considering it if it was their back gardens under threat.!! Good luck at the meeting. x

4 Jun, 2009


Councils Hey :/ My Parents lost half their garden 20yrs ago along with Friends & Neighbours on the same Council Estate because Council wanted Parking Areas for the Propertys around the Backs? But all its done is made it into a Dumping site for Rubbish & cars that have no MOTs ect ect :( I do hope u can win your case !

4 Jun, 2009


Oh Good luck in the meeting , that's terrible news Nita, apart from taking most of your garden away what about the shade the new buildings will cast on your garden Grrrr.. Flippin Council..

4 Jun, 2009


thats terrible, how can they just take away your garden like that, surely thats not allowed

grrr very naughty

x x x

4 Jun, 2009


Thanks for all your kind words,will find out a little more on monday,im just getting my garden how i like it and then this happens, we are all up in arms about this.
thanks again will keep you all informed.

4 Jun, 2009

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