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autumn is upon us!


2 days ago here in the north our family were out in the garden in t-shirts and shorts and it was 20 deg C! Now it’s 10 deg C and i think i had better start getting ready for winter fleece on dwarf french beans tonight! I have been busy in the garden this week teak oiling my table and chairs and bench just got to put them away under cover tommorow. I’ve been tidying up getting rid of caterpillar infested caulis :-( none of them survived they all had huge caterpillars in. The caterpillers had spun some kind of stringy stuff a bit like spiders webs in amongst the heads and i couldn’t get that out or the caterpillars. My mum said to soak the caulis in water with salt disolved into and she said this would bring the caterpillars out. Well this did not work! My husband will not eat it with caterpillar poo webs and caterpillars in! Don’t think i much fancy it either! Next year butterfly netting i think! I’m going to post a picture of my cauliflower when i get a chamce. Not a bad size 4" for a first attempt and i also did not push them in very hard! I had 2 4" ones and 1 5" one. So next year along with my netting i’m hoping to be able to have some to eat!

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There's only one way to protect them and it's not the quick n' easy way :-)) I'm sure you'll be rewarded for getting it right next year.
T thought I'd covered my wiinter cabbage plants but the little blighters got in....somewhere.

24 Sep, 2010


That's a shame with those darn caterpillars.....yep, next year things can only get better.

24 Sep, 2010


this my 3rd year growing them ,and this year the 1st for getting to eat some lol. wroth the wait i was over the moon .even put a pic on here.i put the hose on them every day to wash them

26 Sep, 2010


Saw the pic of your cauli - now know why you didn't eat it - yuk! Better luck next year! :-))

20 Oct, 2010

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