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Ficus macrophylla - Australian Banyan Tree

Ficus macrophylla - Australian Banyan Tree (Ficus macrophylla - Australian Banyan Tre)

This young Australian Banyan tree is planted way too close to the one in the background. This tree becomes extremely massive in time. Photo taken in Balboa Park, San Diego, CA. on Jan. 16, 2013.

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Delonix, I have Ficus at home, slightly smaller :))
Is Manuka a tree or a plant? I was just consuming manuka honey and read about its wonderful antiviral and antibiotice effects. It was said, that the honey is made mostly by bees attending manuka plant/tree??

19 Jan, 2013


Yes, Manuka is Leptospermum scoparium or New Zealand tea tree. It's very widely grown here in California. Many are in full bloom right now. When in full bloom you can barely see the leaves on the shrub or tree.

19 Jan, 2013


Oh wonderful! If possible, can you sometimes send the photo of it?

19 Jan, 2013


I already have several pics of many species of Leptospermum posted on GoY.

For some reason GoY isn't allowing me to access my older pics. I was going send a link to my Leptospermum pics.
Here's some others posted by GoY members. 1&q=leptospermum&sa=Search&

20 Jan, 2013


Yes, I also noticed some operations are not allowed on GoY, but maybe you can try later, it is often just temporary blocking.
I will have a look on your link, thank you!
But please, try again later, I am looking forward to your pictures.

20 Jan, 2013


Wow! It is a beautiful shrub!

20 Jan, 2013


It's still not allowing me to "show more" on my photos. Not sure why this is happening. I'll have to ask Peter (one of the original persons who started GoY).

20 Jan, 2013


OK. Don´t worry.

20 Jan, 2013


Those ficus wont mind growing close to each other at all just form one very big single shady canopy. Are these the same as growing near the harbour bridge in Sydney Australia? Those are also magnificent.
Manuka honey is horrible stuff very expensive too. It tastes and smells like some foul liniment for rotting horse hooves. I heard its excellent for wounds to prevent infection.
In fact I also bought some so called "Artisan" honey in a tiny bottle, Pohutukawa honey (magnificent flowering tree, Metrosideros excelsa) from NZ. It was equally expensive and foul. These honey's are loaded with natural peroxides a substance which is not exactly high on any gastronomes list of delights.
Having said that my wife loved them but I think she was pretending because they cost so much, she thought her enthusiasm would make the rest of us actually eat it all up, yuck was she wrong.

I can still smell the acrid medicinal bio-fuel fumes like rancid diesel that came out of that jar when I first opened it. Confused. They won all sorts of awards for the product apparently served in all the finer country hotels around NZ. Ha ha, someone is pulling the wool Im absolutely sure of it!

21 Jan, 2013


Shadypines/Dianebulley.@maybe you are buying it in wrong shops, Shadypines.
I would suggest to you Mark and Spencer, which has manuka honey. I had eczema after Dior face powder and it didn´t go away for several weeks. I have got flu and bought manuka honey just for other reason (sore throat) and just for experiment I put honey on the cheek, too. The other day I was surprised by the effect so I did the same the other day. After three days eczema was gone!
That´s why I started to be seriously interested in manuka honey. And the bad smell you describes - well, not my experience. It smells very well, has very good taste and the honey has very fine foamy-pasta consistency, so you can smear it also on bread with butter.
Delonix, keep us informed about Manuka :))

21 Jan, 2013


I believe it's the same. They grow very, very large and prefer to be planted several hundred feet apart. I think they may trim these trees to keep them not so large. There's three in the is area.

To the left of these trees there's very large ones located in front of the Natural History Museum. It's 101 years old and one of the largest in the U.S.

21 Jan, 2013


The honey is over £10 a jar here, a real treat, have never been able to buy any yet, but reading Shadys blog it could have been off!! I am sure I tried to grow this tree as we have several Leptospernum in the garden at the moment.but I think this one is not hardy like most Leptospernums.

22 Jan, 2013



WOW! Honey is over £10 a jar, there? That's incredibly expensive! I can buy honey here for $1.95 a bottle, or less.

23 Jan, 2013


Then it is not manuka honey, Delonix. Real Manuka Honey is only form New Zealand manuka. One jar costs from 15-35 euros depending on the number (10+) which classifies antibacterial plus antiviral potency. Hawk.

23 Jan, 2013


Katarina is correct, we can buy cheap honey also, but Manuka is top of the range, I was going to buy OH some as a Christmas pressie!!

24 Jan, 2013


Sorry, I thought it was regular honey. LOL! :>)

Manuka honey is still not as expensive as there in Europe

24 Jan, 2013


Nice. You don't see many photo of that tree in that size. Its usually a giant old tree or potted plant pics.
I have two I grew from seed sent to me from NZ. In larger pots one is about 6'. Its tempting to plant a tree that can eat your house.
I guess bigger pots is the way to go.

13 Sep, 2014


They grow well up there; however, they need park space to grow to it's potential size.

The Shinn Estate in Fremont has a very large tree which was planted in 1880.

16 Sep, 2014


Next year- or sooner,I want to wrap the trunk in moss and cellophane. Its trying hard to banyon..with help it could be a very showy potted plant.

22 Nov, 2014


Good luck. If you cover the trunk with moss and cellophane it will create roots; however if it's unwrapped the roots will dry out and die...not unless the roots go into the ground.

29 Nov, 2014

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