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Carica papaya 'Thai Dwarf' - Thai Dwarf Papaya

Carica papaya 'Thai Dwarf' - Thai Dwarf Papaya (Carica papaya 'Thai Dwarf' - Thai Dwarf Papaya)

The large papayas are starting to ripen. My very tall Thai Dwarf papaya which isn't suppose to grow this tall is going to have ripening fruit in the next couple of weeks. Photo taken April 16, 2015.

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Those are so cool. Papaya's cant look more tropical.
Is that of a regular Papaya taste? Or is it just a "look"?

26 Apr, 2015


I've never tried Papayas! What do they taste like? Perhaps they have some in our local supermarkets, I will have to have a look.

26 Apr, 2015



All my papayas are sweet like candy. Typically, home-grown papayas taste a 1,000 times better than any store-bought ones. I've been growing papayas for many years and have grown several varieties. This year I'm going to grow more 'Red Carribeans' and Hawaiian 'Solos'. They are so good; however, the red Carribeans are a little difficult to grow in San Diego...they prefer a truly tropical climate.

It's amazing how tall this 'Thai Dwarf' has grown. It's around 18' tall. When I've grown the 'Thai Dwarf' it's only topped out at 8'.

27 Apr, 2015



Papayas are a sweet to very sweet, extremely nutritious fruit; however, it's very difficult to get good fruit in the stores outside tropical and subtropical climates. The fruits are picked too green and never can develop the sugars for good flavor.

27 Apr, 2015


Obviously then it's a waste of time & money getting them from a supermarket! I'll have to come & visit you then to experience their true flavour! :-D)

29 Apr, 2015


The only one I've found which ripens well is the very tropical 'Red Carribean' papaya. It's can be picked just with a slight hint of yellow skin and will typically ripen very well in warm temps on the kitchen table. I have one 7' (2.5m) tall tree in my back yard. It appears to be putting out the flower buds in our 90ºF plus(32ºC +) weather we've been having over the last three days.

29 Apr, 2015


That's a beautiful tree Andy love the shape of the leaves and wow the fruit are huge.

22 Aug, 2017


Thanks you. This tree was very large and the fruit was larger than any other Thai Dwarf papaya fruit I've grown in the past. The Thai Dwarf I have growing now hasn't fruited yet. It's been in the ground almost two years. I think it'll do better now that its getting water and fertilizer, though.

22 Aug, 2017


I can see it was huge Andy.

Perhaps your newish one is taking it's time but may last longer for you than the privous one. I hope it has fruit soon for you.

22 Aug, 2017


The Thai Dwarf papaya I have in my back yard now is over 10 ft tall. It's two years old. I think I planted it on July 27, 2015. I had three in one hole (I cut out two trunks a few months ago). This was a very bad idea. The competition is not good for fruit production nor good growth.

23 Aug, 2017


10 ft is good for just two year old. That's such a shame I think we all regret cutting back certain plants I know I have in the past I hope it bares enough fruit for you Andy and suprise you.

24 Aug, 2017


Papayas typically grow extremely fast. This is another reason why it has a short life.

My Thai Dwarf papaya only has one fruit on it. It typically starts developing a lot of fruit in late summer and fall (it's the only variety that does that). The fruit usually ripens in winter or early spring. Papayas go semi-dormant here in winter. Only in very hot tropical climates do papayas grow all year.

25 Aug, 2017


Out grows it self the by the sounds of it.

At least you have one Andy one is better than none does this mean it could develop more later. I am muddled to what season your in now we are coming to the end of our summer late August.

So they like constant extreme heat then.

25 Aug, 2017


We're heading into late summer. However, with this being said, in inland San Diego we're getting into the hottest time of the year. This is typically from late August through November. It's not unusual to have weeks of extremely hot weather. Late Sept we transition into the really hot dry weather from the more hot and humid weather, though. Plants can burn very easily during fall from excessive heat and dryness. I have lost many plants over the years from this very hot, dry weather. I have to watch my plants very carefully.

25 Aug, 2017


Same here then late August but our November is nt hot nor humid.

You shall have to buy some Sun umbrellas to share your plants Andy to protect them from burning shame you have lost lots of plant through these seasons.

26 Aug, 2017


I usually put my plants under the shade structure in the front yard and under the tent in the back yard to protect them from the sun and heat. I have lost plumerias in pot when it gets extremely hot. Usually, Plumeria trees love extreme heat; however, it's reflected heat which make it seem much hotter than the actual temps. The extreme heat can cook my plants in the back yard which face south.

The Excessive Heat Warning is going through at least Wednesday here. Altough, it could be extended.

27 Aug, 2017


Very wise to have shelter for your plants Andy such ashame you have lost plumerias in pot through it I can see if it has reflected heat it being to hot for them. Wow thats bad if they cook your plants.

Good luck for with the hest lets hope it does nt ladt to long it was hot here today.

27 Aug, 2017


Yes, the plants in pot will need some shade. The heat will last through Friday and beyond.

29 Aug, 2017


So your in for a long spell of heat. I noticed you have not pea gravel covering the earth in your potted plants as pea gravel retains moisture stops the earth dying out.

29 Aug, 2017


Yes, the heat is here to stay, unfortunately!

I never use pea gravel. I use perlite in a lot of my plants which actually drains very quickly and doesn't retain moisture.

31 Aug, 2017


How awful for you Andy I dont envy you.

Clay pots dont hold moisture either I thought with your drought you would want some moisture.

31 Aug, 2017


I use perlite for many of my plants which love good drainage. I use very little or none with other plants that need a lot of moisture retention.

31 Aug, 2017


Yes I ve used it to in the past for seeds also a volcanic one. Yes they would nt need it if your other plants like moisture. Do you use perlite with you Pulmsria s.

31 Aug, 2017


Yes, I use 1/3 perlite, 1/3 steer manure and the rest potting soil for Plumerias.

31 Aug, 2017


Thanks Andy for the recipe lol I assume that manure from a bull

1 Sep, 2017


Yes, from a cow. Lol! :>))

2 Sep, 2017



2 Sep, 2017


Mooo! LOL! :>))

3 Sep, 2017


?? Are you becomming Alf Garnet lol from an old UK comedy sitcom he use to call his mrs a silly Mooo lol.

3 Sep, 2017


I've never seen this show. I used to watch Keeping Up Appearances and Benny Hill. Lol!

I absolutely loved Merlin (by The BBC). :>))

4 Sep, 2017


lol yes Benny Hill and Keeping up appearences yes Merlin was good we have Game of Thrones now

Alf Garnet is the old man with glasses in theses links the program was called Till Death us do Part.
I am very suprised Andy you have never watched it as Tony Blair s father in law played in it the young blond bloke in this I shall warn you its not PC and its political comedy. It was in the 60s to 70s
may be you were to young .
perhaps you were to young

4 Sep, 2017


So hot,I did my usual way of holding the metal screen door open with my forearm as I walk in. It has a piston to close it.
It felt like I put my arm on a stove hot plate. It was fire!
108 is not what I want to have again. 82f is fine!

4 Sep, 2017



Actually, I do remember many of the shows from the late 60's and 70's. I never watched any British shows back then, though. It was Bewitched, The Brady Bunch, Partridge Family, High Chaparral, Flying Nun. LOL! Those are the ones I remember right now.

I absolutely love Game of Thrones! I don't have HBO right, I'll have to wait until I see it later on Blue Ray.

I did look up Alf Garnett. LOL! :>)) Most of the British humor I don't understand. They don't speak English! LOL! Just kidding. I don't understand some of it.

5 Sep, 2017



Yes, I'm so glad the heat is gone for now. On the news today the weathermen said the temps on Saturday night were the hottest ever recorded from 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m (it was actually Sunday morning) in San Diego. It was absolutely horrible!!!

5 Sep, 2017


I should think you are glad Andy I could nt cope that kind of heat wow highest temp ever recorded show how bad it was I can see how horrible it was by the weatherman s report.

5 Sep, 2017


It's the hottest temps ever recorded at that time of the early morning. It's been 90ºF at midnight here before...just not continuously through 5:00 a.m. It will usually cool down to at least 75 or 80ºF by 5:00 a.m. (on really hot days).

Today was hot again! UGH!!!

6 Sep, 2017


Yes I gathered that when you said 22 till 5 a.m. I wonder if that storm has any thing to do with the heat your having there . How awful lets hope soon you got rain. By the way your hat suites you and dont blame you wearing one either with the heat you get it protects against skin cancer and burning . My cousin in Australia had skin cancer he is cured now.

6 Sep, 2017


It was 32ºC at 5:00 a.m., not 22ºC. 22º would be a normal morning low.

I always use a large hat. The sun is extremely intense, the UV index is always between 12 an 14 here in San Diego, it can cause horrible damage to the skin. Overall, I just stay out of the sun.

7 Sep, 2017


So hotter than usual for your mornings it has gone warmer and sunnier here than the last few days before but still raining in intervals Autumn has certainly started.

Yes the sun is unkind to fair people with their skin you have to be more careful that I would have to be I have like a gypsy colour skin so I ve been told I easy go brown and it stays I dont burn but I like you now hardly go out in it.

7 Sep, 2017


Yes, that was much hotter than normal for a morning.

Actually, I don't like to be in the sun. However, my skin can tolerate it more than most. I can get really dark when in the sun for a short time. I guess the Puerto Rican and Spanish in me allows for it. :>))

9 Sep, 2017


I would think your skin could tolerate the weather being a gardener ahrr so your Pierto Rican and Spainsh I thought you said you were Hawaiian . ?

10 Sep, 2017


My family has been in Hawaii for 100 years, from Puerto Rico. We're tropical island people. lol!

11 Sep, 2017


What a great and interesting family history you have then Andy must be where you get your love of tropical fruit from

11 Sep, 2017


Yes, most likely. Many of my family members love plants and trees, also.

11 Sep, 2017


How wonderful runs in the family then.

11 Sep, 2017


Yes. :>))

12 Sep, 2017


13 Sep, 2017

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