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"Carry On Nobby" - For Flori, Janey & Jack Russell owners!


By pip_c


Nobby, our Jack Russell Terrorist, accomplished several feats of mischief during his stay with us (which was terminated by a trip to the RSPCA for poor Nobs.) You might get a laugh out of these….

- A religious German friend came to stay for a few weeks, bringing with her a small ivory Virgin Mary statuette. One day we returned from a family outing to find Mary in the garden with her head ripped off.

- At about the same time, Mum was preparing a roast chicken dinner for the benefit of our friend. When she came to the table with the cutlery, her recently served chicken centrepiece was missing. After checking the fridge she looked out of the window to see Nobby tucking into the chicken.

- As a special treat (after a hard day of shopping with a toddler me), Mum purchased a strawberry cheesecake for our lunch. She had just put it on the plates when Nobby came in from outside. It was a rainy day and the garden was very muddy, so Mum yelled at him to get out. Nobby went hyper excited, thinking it was all a great game. He jumped up on the table, promptly put his muddy foot in Mum’s cheesecake, then sprang off to do a mad rush round the house. He jumped onto chairs, raced down the hall, rolled on the beds…
Suffice it to say that when he had finished, the result was cheesecake and mud all over our carpet and furniture, no strawberry cheesecake for Mum’s lunch, and an irate dog owner.

And that’s not mentioning how we had to keep bins on benchtops to prevent tissues being stolen, how parcels left at the gate were demolished within ten seconds if we didn’t put them on a high shelf, how we came home after being out to find ripped up toys, sanitary pads, shoes, craft projects and polyester stuffing all over the grass, a meaty bone on the doormat and chewed black plastic objects scattered around. (Black plastic seemed to be a particular favourite.)

Nobby chewed up two pairs of $2000 hearing aids (that my grandmother most unwisely left at dog height), and raided numerous bins. He would bite the hand that fed him and the mowerman without bothering to make the distinction between them, grab a tresspassing blue-tongue lizard by the head and fling it around so that by the time we reached him there would be lizard guts all over the walls, and once went for three days without food due to the simple fact that he wouldn’t let the girl we had employed to keep him fed while we were away anywhere past the front gate. He also caused several of my friends to develop a fear of dogs that still persists to this day.

Well, at least we can look back and laugh.

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lol,nearly peed myself,we had one once 20 odd year ago,ran thru a pot of white gloss and then promptly ran over my mums brand new delivered that day new suit,little charactures arnt they

19 Aug, 2010


I've never had a Jack Russell Pip but can relate to some of the stories having had a looney beagle called Velvet when I was younger. Made me giggle :-))

19 Aug, 2010


OMG couldn't help but laugh,i was trying to visulise it as i read the blog. which made it funnier still.Thankyou.

19 Aug, 2010


Sounded like the script to a hilarious film !!!! Beethoven comes to mind !! Wonderful blog and must have been a wonderful dog.

19 Aug, 2010


lol lol lol can relate as have collie x Shepard pup 11 months , lol i put bacon and sausage in the frying pan . on cooker. turned round 4 a min. went back and that i had gone nuts wen i saw pan emty. scatced my head then noticed rosie liking her lips . shes so naughty, but we love them haha.

19 Aug, 2010


Oh Pip, I am so glad you blogged about Nobby~I loved this, and I hope all of us who have ever had a similar mental pooch can relate to this. Karen always calls her beautiful JR a terrorist too! Thank you so much for sharing this!!! :~))x

19 Aug, 2010


Excellent blog pip. I could relate to it all happening. I, at the moment have got a phsyco puppy, I know puppys are naughty but this one beats every other dog I've ever had. Talk about a thief. She'll pinch anything and run like heck. Usually straight up the garden. Although her most favourite thing at the moment is running with whatever she's just wipped, straight under the chair, so you can't get at her. It's comical, cos she knows she's doing wrong, and basically, she's too young to understand. :o))

19 Aug, 2010


Lol halarious reminds me of the films here in the 60s and 70s this one should be Carry on Nobby lol

19 Aug, 2010


Glad you enjoyed the blog, Ladybug, such a shame about that suit :oP
Glad you got a giggle, Annella! After looking after a friend's two beagles for a couple of days, I know they can be quite looney too!
Thanks for your comment Tulsalady! I'm glad you got a laugh!
Thanks Grandmage, although 'wonderful' is CERTAINLY not the word that springs to mind !!!!!
Oh Cristina, Rosie sounds like a little cheek, but also very sweet! Rescue dogs are the best! An interesting fact: Nobby was the only dog we have ever NOT bought from a rescue centre! And he was the only lemon we have ever had!
Flori, it was my pleasure :o)))))
Glad you enjoyed Linda :o) Good luck with your psycho pup!
Carry on Nobby, LOL!! Glad you liked it Sixpence :o))))

20 Aug, 2010


Just changed the blog title Sixpence ;o)

20 Aug, 2010


LOL Pip thats more fitting and a lovely funny blog at that.

20 Aug, 2010


hee hee, did make me laugh but i can also relate to 'irate owner' too!! Having a Staffie pup at the moment (tissues from bins is one i can relate to!) it made his antics pale into insignificance lol!!! thanks for cheering me up !

20 Aug, 2010


Glad I could brighten your day, Sewingkilla!!!! Give your pup a pat from me ;o))))

21 Aug, 2010


I lived at home when I had Velvet the looney beagle and I used to go to Tescos on a Saturday to help my mum and dad do the shopping (was a good girl then). Velvet's treat was a Cadbury's cream egg, she would bark as loud as she could until my dad threw it to her and take 30 secs to eat it. Now I'm sure you will all tell me that chocolate is poison to dogs, but what about the foil wrappers that she ate over the years?????!!!!
By the way, Velvet was 19 years old when she passed from this world and is still missed :-))

21 Aug, 2010


Tee hee hee very funny story Annella, Velvet sounds like a great dog :o)

22 Aug, 2010

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