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Hooray! Today I was taking my dog Frances for a walk to this lovely little beach near our place and I actually found a four-leaved clover!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came home and pressed it right away – now I have two! Today Sydney is sunny and warm. We always have a heatwave in mid-August (it’s supposed to be WINTER) so everyone has their doonas cleaned and put away, then come September they all freeze. This happens every year and we’re the only family I know who have twigged to this phenomenon.
(I will post a pic of the four-leaved clover as soon as possible.)

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Hi pip c glad you found your 4 leaf clover,will deffinitely bring you luck Lol.Wish i could send you some as been from Ireland,my garden is full of it Lol......

13 Aug, 2009


What are doonas ??

14 Aug, 2009


Marguerite, he'll not do it again in a hurry !
With 11C overnight it won't be pleasant :(

14 Aug, 2009


You beat me to it Hywel!

14 Aug, 2009


Think it's Australian for a duvet or quilt..

14 Aug, 2009


Thanks, Fluff - i was wondering as well.

It's a long time since I found a four-leaved clover. Mind you, I haven't been looking for one, so maybe that's why???

14 Aug, 2009


No me neither...imagine how many we've overlooked?!! All that good luck that's passed us by!!

14 Aug, 2009


Glad you asked Hywel, as i wonted to know aswell.

14 Aug, 2009


Fluff is right - a doona is a quilt.

Marguerite - you're the first Aussie I've met on this site so far and I've been here for about two weeks - It's obviously a Pommy site.

16 Aug, 2009


Welcome to GoY Pip c, you're right this is a UK site but there are members in lots of other countries too. Another Aussie is Bernieh and I'm sure there are others too.

16 Aug, 2009


Hi Pip, welcome to GoY. I'm in Canada. I haven't seen a four leaf clover in years but, like Spritz says, I haven't been looking for one either.

18 Aug, 2009


I can see GoY is a very widespread network of friends!

28 Aug, 2009


It's an international concern!! :oO

30 Aug, 2009

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