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Urban foraging. It’s what Mum calls nicking fruit off other people’s trees. I’m not totally blameless: this morning I pinched 7 grapefruit off the neighbours’ tree and yesterday I got three oranges from another tree I found growing wild.

There’s a suburb in NSW (I forget what it’s called) where the council grows fruit trees on the nature strip for everyone to harvest from! Isn’t that a great idea!? Maybe people should try and get their councils to do the same thing.

(Our council is the worst blippety-blippety-bleeping council in the whole of Aus, I’m telling you now!!!!)

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It would be a good idea if the councils did something useful for a change. I think that's too much to hope for. Sounds good though.

20 Aug, 2009


Sounds like something the anonymous "Guerilla Gardeners" might do at some time - but you can bet some little blighter will vandalise them! The trust here where we live is amazing. People from other villages have small sections of fruit trees growing along the sides of the road and NO ONE touches them - except the ****** tourists. All the owners of the trees happily give out bags of fruit if you ask, but take .... and you're branded for life!

20 Aug, 2009


That sounds like a great idea Pip, they plant trees anyway so why not make them fruit trees instead. They also have flowers on them so pretty too.

20 Aug, 2009


thats a great idea. i think if there was a competition of worse councils then mine would win lol

20 Aug, 2009


Hmmm.. Maybe we'd better not go into this dangerous area of Councils! :-(

20 Aug, 2009


lol true Barbara, there would be no end to this blog

20 Aug, 2009


Ha ha too true I have many comments on council's ..... but lets not go there :o))
It's a brilliant Idea about planting fruit tree's instead of Sycamore tree's along roadways, I would'nt be so bothered about the stuff falling into my garden then hehehe

20 Aug, 2009


I think it a great idea, but its getting councils to do it over here.

20 Aug, 2009


Here's another thing about councils: They plant all these native trees on the nature strip, UNDER THE WIRES, then complain when the trees grow and they have to cut them back away from the wires and make them look UGLY!?!?!?

21 Aug, 2009


Where I live the Council keeps the green spaces really well and lots of them too. I have passed your idea onto the Council's Tree Officer who is the son of my very good friend next door. I don't suppose it will happen but is worth a mention. I expect it woud get rejected by the Health and Safety Bods in case they got sued by someone who got a headache from a falling apple! lol

23 Aug, 2009


Actually Lily you're right. Our council is Pathetic!!!! :- O

The other day they ripped out this perfectly good play equipment. Excuse?

"The slippery-dip had a split and the equipment was unsafe."

(Bear in mind that everything except the slipperydip was metal and could have been recycled, while the fibreglass slide could easily have been removed and replaced!?!)

Then they didn't replace some other play equipment they'd said they would replace. Excuse?

"The ground is subsiding."

(Bear in mind it's a fact that the ground subsides constantly anyway!)

Grrrr. Just for name-and-shame purposes, it's Kogarah Council that's doing all the destruction. If I could switch councils, I would.

25 Aug, 2009


I'm afraid we're stuck with our Councils Pip. We never know the real reasons why they do things, probably much of it is political or fear of litigation. I got my answer back re the fruit trees. Somewhat confusing. They do have some and where locals know about them they do get picked, but they don't put them in public places generally because they wouldn't get picked and would create a hazard and cleaning problems! How about telling people they can pick them then..... Also they have one in the middle of a roundabout(?) and it's dangerous with people crossing to pick. Not the best place for one is it? As I've said, they are generally very good green space wise but this one is not going to happen.

25 Aug, 2009


Ah well, just have to keep living here for now, I guess :- )

27 Aug, 2009

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