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By pip_c


Hooray!!!!!!!! Horticulture Assignment 9 to be finished today. As there are only twelve, I’m starting to sniff fresh, hopeful air ahead. I’ve spent most of the school hols. at the library, since I can do so without having to answer questions about why I’m not in school (It’s called homeschooling, okay?)
Mum has promised that when I finish the course we can go away for a few days, hopefully up the coast somewhere in the caravan. With Frances of course!!!! (That’s my dog, in case you didn’t know). SO now I’m hanging out for Feb., when, if I stay on target, I will be finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some things I plan to do when I have loads of spare time next year:-

  • Catch up with my journals! I’m way behind, still writing up stuff that happened in August :-)
  • Get way more into gardening than I am now – It’s a pain being stuck inside learning the theory when I could be out there putting it into practice – ESPECIALLY IN THIS BEAUTIFUL SPRING WEATHER! Arrrrgh!
  • Maybe even construct a mini-greenhouse (with Mum’s help of course, remember that wall?)
    *Fix up this half-finished model house I got off a cleanup pile.

AND LOTS MORE! Wish me luck everybody!

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You're on the downhill stretch Pip....well done. Keep up the good work....just a few short months'll be over before you know it and then you can apply all you have learned to make a fantastic garden. :o)

16 Oct, 2009


Well done Pip on getting Assignment 9 finished just 3 more to go. You will find all that theory stays with you forever and will be really useful.
You will have to post some pics of the mini gh when you've done it or even do a step by step photo blog so we can see you in action :~))

16 Oct, 2009


Well done Pip, it will all be worth it in the end.

16 Oct, 2009


well done pip you have done well, :o)

16 Oct, 2009


Good for you, you've done well

16 Oct, 2009


Well done Pip, bet you can't wait to put all that theory into practice. It sounds like you've got lots of plans for when you've finished studying. Good luck with the 3 remaining assignments.

16 Oct, 2009


Well done Pip,not long now and you will be free for a while and I sure do wish you well with the rest .........

16 Oct, 2009


LUCK! When do we get to see a pix of Frances? Papillon & Border collie sounds like a curious mix! Maybe you'll find some cuttings, seeds, or new plants on your journey along the coast: looking forward to seeing what you discover.

18 Oct, 2009


Too bad Orgratis, until a few days ago she was my avatar!! She is very sweet, photogenic etc..

Actually, bad news, my assignment really was going to be finished on the 16th, but then my camera just stopped working for no reason!!!! So I couldn't take the pix I needed and it didn't get finished after all :-(

19 Oct, 2009


Plug it in?! You could draw the plants, too, as that always makes me pay more attention to tiny details and really learn the plants as "friends."

20 Oct, 2009


Tried plugging it in: no luck.

While I do like drawing (especially plants) I just don't have the time, sorry, Orgratis!!! :-)

22 Oct, 2009

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