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I enjoy gardening and have many other interests such as reading, computer, researching, crafts, puttering and fixing things, and taking something and making it into something else. You could call it creative recycling! I have been widowed since the end of '07 and am now a 3rd floor apartment dweller now learning to garden as much as possible in containers on the balcony! I love trees and pretty much all plants and flowers and I am experimenting with what veggies I can grow and sqeeze onto my balcony!

My profile update:

I am now engaged to be married to a wonderful man who is twice widowed. I have moved from the apt. to his home on 2 acres nestled in the entrance to the Cascade Mountain Range still in Washington State. My dream come true, a place of my own again and gardening and bird watching to my hearts content!

Another Profile Update:

Dec. 16/08 I married Bruce. I'm pretty much settled in now and enjoying my new life. Taking big growing steps and looking forward to some wonderful gardening in my new home.

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  • Grosebeaks
  • Grosebeaks
  • Icicle about to come down!
  • Bruce approaching icicles!

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