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I’m back after 13 years away…..


I can’t believe it’s been that long, my life turned upside down and I retreated from everything. I used to really enjoy being on here. So I’m back 😁
Now I’ve moved house and have a garden. I’ve only been here 9 months but all the plants I had in pots now have their feet in my raised beds! I can’t wait for Spring and Summer to see them flourish.
At the moment I’m nursing a broken leg, my first ever broken bone! Luckily not the tibia. 5 weeks on I’ve made progress and should be able to stand and do some tidying in a week or two. Luckily I have high raised beds so don’t have to kneel down 😂
I can see some names on here that I recognise so looking forward to catching up.

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2008 seems a long time ago! So although I didn't join until 3 years after you I can still say welcome back. I live in Pembrokeshire near Haverfordwest, so not really very very far away. Where abouts are you? I'm sure we've been to Mochnant (pig stream?)ages ago- lovely area.
Was the raised bed ready planted or have you done it all? It looks very nice anyway.

1 Feb, 2023


welcome back from me too. Sorry about the leg but at least you can see an end to it now. The garden looks lovely and raised beds are such a good idea.
Like you I am looking forward to seeing spring arrive, followed by summer.

2 Feb, 2023


Hello, nice to see you back, I'm still here but tend to take breaks away occasionally.
I'm sorry you've had problems and that you have a broken leg. I hope things are better for you now and that your leg will mend soon.
Your garden looks pretty :)

2 Feb, 2023


Hi everyone, so nice to be remembered!

Steragram…. My home is a new build so the garden was just turf. Friends did the raised beds for me. Lucky me!

The lawn doesn’t look new because my dog leaves burn patches where she has a wee, and now because of all the rain a lot of it is a mud patch. I’ll sort it when the drier and warmer weather arrives.

2 Feb, 2023


Wow !!! A blast from the past, welcome back Pottygardener I remember you , I also joined in 2008, I hovered in the background for a few months before I actually joined in, been a faithful goyer ever since, if I disappear for a while its usually because I have a visit from a gremlin, lol....
Life takes a nasty turn sometimes but it seems you have a new start, onwards and upwards from now on, new house and garden, sorry to hear about your leg, hope it heals well.....
Your raised beds are great, perfect height, much easier to maintain, its not good when we cannot kneel, I'm only ok if I remember to have something nearby to help me get up again, otherwise its a comedy routine for a few minutes, the planting looks good, they will be thanking you for releasing them from the pots and your reward will come as you watch them flourish whilst resting as your leg heals, I know all about burn and mud patches in the lawns as we have two female terriers that share our home and garden, I was never meant to have a perfect lawn... Take care now Potty and once again welcome back.....

2 Feb, 2023


Your raised beds look lovely Potty,I like you can not wait for spring and summer, I lost my mojo for gardening for a couple of years, but its now back. Hope your leg gets better soon, and good luck with your new garden.

2 Feb, 2023


I didn’t know you Pottygardener as I didn’t join until 2012,
Welcome back anyway. Your raised beds are looking nice & I’m sure the plants will thrive when Spring & Summer
arrive. Look forward to seeing more pics then. You’ll have forgotten all about your poor leg by then :-)

2 Feb, 2023


Oh my, what a surprise to see you return to Growsonyou! Those raised beds look neat and very well planted. Wishing you a good recovery from the broken leg.

5 Feb, 2023


Thanks Shirley, I remember you too. :)
Pleased you like my raised beds, I can’t wait to see them flowering. My leg is making slow and steady progress thank you.

5 Feb, 2023


Pottygardener, that's excellent news.

6 Feb, 2023

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