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how to cut sweet peas to stop them setting seed?


By Bryony

United Kingdom Gb

I have read that you should cut them every few days to stop them forming seed and keep them flowering, but does this mean trim the whole stems or cut off the individual blossoms (and not the stem)?

If you do cut the stem, do you cut it right at the join with the plant or further away? And will you get more stems after that?

Or do you dead-head them like other flowers, just behind the bloom?




Hi Bryony....I have them flowering too now, and if you want to cut them for indoors, then you'll have to cut the stem, mine have flowers at the end of the stem. If you just want to stop them seeding, I still cut off the long stem at the leaf join. Also, I cut off the tendrils and tie the plants to the trellis, this makes for stronger flowers and longer stems...:o)

30 Jun, 2009


Thanks, so in either case you cut off the whole stem?

I am a bit overwhelmed with sweet peas at the mo, I might have to start giving them away! Every time I look (once a day) there are more trying to form seed!

30 Jun, 2009


Mine are like that, too! I have three vases full today - and didn't cut all of them! It seems to be a good season for them this year. Keep cutting - yes, the whole stem if you can.

Otherwise, I just reach out and chop off the flower if I see one I missed forming seedpods.

30 Jun, 2009


Thanks everyone!

I only have sweet peas thanks to the help I got on this forum.

30 Jun, 2009


I'm still confused. Year after year, my sweet peas decline. I just cut the flowers, and as time goes on the stems get shorter and shorter, so where exaxtly do you cut - it seems to mean cutting off buds?

19 Jul, 2009

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