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We have inherited two small trees in our new front garden. Both have yellowing leaves which are then falling.

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

The leaves are turning yellow and then getting brown uneven edges on them. Some of them have holey areas which are brown too. These leaves are falling. As we do not know what these trees are we do not know where to start looking at what is wrong with them. So before I spray them with something I shouldn't please let me know what could be wrong with them. We don't want to lose them.



One of my Japanese acers is suffering a bit with the hot weather and we are also quite windy where we are . It has some brown edges to many of its finely cut green leaves. All I am doing is giving it lots of water and hopefully it will be happier next year

9 Jul, 2009


We don't know what they are either! Any chance of a photo?
That said, it could just be drought - don't know where you live, or how long those trees have been in (you say they're small, but that just might mean they're young and not been in long), but if they're not that old, they'll have been short of water anywhere in the South.

9 Jul, 2009

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