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Climbing Hydrangea


Hi all, im looking for a Climbing Hydrangea, has anyone got any ideas where to get one, i only seem to be able to get the shrub type, but i want to plant a climber on a north facing wall, any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.





Most garden centres and smaller nurseries that i visit always have them in stock Paul.
They shouldn't be difficult to find.

I'd ring around the ones in your area and see who has them or will be ordering them soon if they're currently out of stock, what size pot they're in and what height the plant's at now and then the price.

I'd contact 2 or 3 places and make your choice from the details you aquire.

By the way, they're great climbers - true self clingers, not ones that will need YOU to provide supports !

9 Jul, 2009


ANOMALA (climbing hydrangea) or jst look in the A~Z at the bottom of this page, its a great way to start looking ;)

9 Jul, 2009


i have H petiolaris, a climbing plant with a lovely creamy flower. it is fantastic and i love it.

9 Jul, 2009


I have Hydrangea Petiolaris on the north wall of my house. Its my neighbours and it scrambles up both our houses. An attractive climber . If you choose this one dont be surprised if its slow to get going. Can take a year or two or more and people think there's something wrong but that's just the way they are sometimes. Its now as tall as the house and many metres wide.

9 Jul, 2009

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