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To prune or not to prune?


By Mochism

Warren County, North Carolina, United States Us

I have many many lavendar iris that I have transplanted to different parts of the property. They had already bloomed. My question is once they have bloomed should you trim the leaves or stalks back so they don't fall over since transplanting?



I'm not sure what type of iris you have here, but it is always prudent to remove any seedpod that has formed after the flower. Whatever you have tho, don't trim the leaves - plants need their leaves to live!

11 May, 2008


Sid, I hate to disagree with you - but I have seen an experienced Iris grower, who propagates her Irises for sale, split a clump, replant each rhizome section (without burying it of course) and then snip across the top of the 'fan' of leaves to allow the plant to develop a good root system and not be stressed after its ordeal! I have not done this myself - I'm a coward and also I am not trying to make a living!

11 May, 2008


Hi Spritz - I hadn't read the question properly!! And didn't realise they had only just been transplanted. I suppose your Iris grower was redressing the shoot/root ratio? This is interesting to know as I think I'll need to divide mine soon... :-)

12 May, 2008

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