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What are these pests on my kale?


By Peter

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me what these little bugs eating away at my kale are? And more to the point, how do I get rid of them!!

Yesterday I watched a butterfly lay its eggs, which I removed and had a good look at my kale, there are thousands and thousands of these things; on the underside of the leaves, down the stalks and all over the base of the plant.

I couldn't see a picture that looked like these in my veg books

Thanks for any advice




EEEEEEEeeeeeww their Horrid :( hope u find out what they are Peter ?

15 Jul, 2009


Yep, thats what they are Horrid...Yikes!

15 Jul, 2009


Yeah, that's a relatively clear patch too! Just looked in another book and they might be aphids?

15 Jul, 2009


Arn't they what is called 'meally bugs'?
They are sap suckers and need to be removed. Try a spray of soap solution first but be prepared to get your fingers in there!

15 Jul, 2009


Thanks bulbaholic, mealy bugs look as it they're a bit flatter than these are. These are all about 1-2mm long. I'll pop out and check again and see if my books have a picture to compare.

15 Jul, 2009


Updated Picture.
I don't think they're mealy bugs, Bulbaholic. I've added a new pic that I hope helps. I put a 20p next to them for scale. It's tricky to get a good photo of something so small.

15 Jul, 2009


Put the camera away, Peter, and squash the little b's!!!!!!
Ask for proof of ID later.

15 Jul, 2009


Just found in my pest book Peter,'mealy cabbage aphid' as name suggests they like brassicas. You can spray with bifenthrin or vegetable oils especially if young plants are under attack,or by now you have probably squished them all lol. Hope this helps :)
ps there are good pics on bbc gardening and Bayer websites

15 Jul, 2009


Camera is away, waterproof is at the ready and I am off to start some squishing. I wonder if it's because I've grown up in the supermarket age that I expected a solution that was less hands on?

Good to know what I'm squishing, and thanks for the help folks :o)

17 Jul, 2009

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