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how do i get the best taste out of melons


By Doogle

basingstoke, United Kingdom

i have planted some melon seeds and i want know how to make them the best they can be.



Plenty of water (as they are basically water) esp. when fruit starts to develop and they like it sunny. Go for a big pot thats well drained and leave a good inch from top of pot to top of compost to allow for water.

If they are in a greenhouse thats better still, dont let the air get to dry or else pests will move in, or to wet as you will suffer mildew, neither good!

At the end of the day it depends on the packet variety of melon seeds that youve bought

Its getting a bit late to be planting them now but i would think that you will still get fruit

16 Jul, 2009


If you want the best taste, you must not water them once the fruit are well formed and beginning to ripen. Otherwise you will end up with a bland watery melon instead of one that is sweet and delectable! I remember making this mistake with some growing in the polytunnel a few years ago.
Usually you start melon seeds in April or May but there's always a chance of an Indian summer and fruit late in the season, so good luck!
I've only recently sown and potted on water melons, which is even more of a gamble!

16 Jul, 2009


when you water put a bit of sugar in the water as the plant will take this up.dissolve it in the water first.trying different strains is worth doing as eventualy you will get one to your liking

17 Jul, 2009

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