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Have been a member of GoY for four years now...first as Lori and now as Lorilyn57. Over the four years I've befriended many gardeners from all is the variety of experience and the friendliness that makes this site so useful and enjoyable.
To all fellow members and especially my "favs"..I have to say thank you. Meeting with you all and sharing your passion for gardens and nature has been very satisfying and educational.
Started out in a city garden...and moved to the country when we retired. (It's just the three of us..Hub, the cat Rufus, and me.)
when I need motivation or information and I'm tired of muddling about in my thoughts I take a break and visit my friends and enjoy some restful commiseration or energetic debate on growsonyou. It's a soapbox to air concerns...and an album to keep to refer to later in life when I won't be able to be as active as I am now.
Lots of good info and entertaining blogs and photos here. Thanks to all my friends for making it so great...and welcome to all newbies. Nice to meet you!
Happy Gardening all.

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  • Last year...first snowfall
  • Greenhouse still in the box
  • Snow waist deep
  • Bluejay cloud descends to the ground

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