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Hi all!

Well, we moved in to house in September and already, after a lengthy weather delay, have the greenhouse up and raised veg patch in place.

2 days ago, we stumbled upon a small frog/toad at the bottom of our garden by the compost bin and now we have changed from wanting a Japanese themed area behind the greenhouse to wanting a small pond to encourage more wildlife into the garden. We have the bird feeders, butterfly house & spider shelter in place so now we want the pond!

I've bought a smaller 4 x 2' moulded pond today which I intend putting in place in a couple of weeks when I am off work. The area is between the greenhouse & garage and is fairly sheltered and quite boggy. I was wondering what ideas and advice you kind people can give regarding the following:

What plants, if any, should we put in the pond and how many?

What plants are good for around the pond bearing in mind the sheltered, boggy aspect?

We have no intention of keeping fish in it but is there anything else we can do to attract any other types of wildlife to it?

Your advice is very much appreciated.


On plant Odd Billie



Welcome to GOY Oddbillie..(Darren)....I know plenty of folk here with the proper knowledge will soon answer all your questions....:>)

24 Jul, 2009


I look forward to taking their expertise on board and hopefully, during my time off, I can start a blog about the garden!

24 Jul, 2009


Blimey! Got a bit carried away with lokking round this site! AND, forgot to say thanks for the welcome note Motinot!

Right, time for bed!

25 Jul, 2009


well realy if you want the pond natural i would let it alone as far as plants go.incourage plants braught bye birds etc bye putting a bit of topsoil in the pond.infact put the moulded pond below ground can cover the edges with some natural stone,slate etc and it will become homes for the various frogs,toads , insects when they over winter or climb out.perhaps go and look at a well established natural pond and see what is in and around it.nature has a wonderfull way of filling empty voids like your pond.

25 Jul, 2009


it is a smallish pond so nothing too big as an oxygenator go for some thing like myriophylum. then other waterplants could be water hawthorn or greater spearwort. if you want a lily go for one of the small varieties. they usually have the planting requirements on the packaging.
in the boggy area around it you can go for globe flowers, primula vivali, Primula harlow carr hybrids, astilbe . lythrum [purple loosestrife}
to encourage wildlife go for single rather than double flowers.
make sure the animals can walk out of the pond, so put stones in one area like a beach for them.

There are some excellent books on water plants. I have one 'Lotus watergardening'. it has been invaluable. i'll see if i can find its proper name and let you know.

25 Jul, 2009


welcome to GoY too by the way.

25 Jul, 2009


Thanks Seaburngirl. I will do some research online on the suggestions you have made. I've only just got into all this gardening since we moved and that is down to my lovely lady Alison who has an infectious energy where planting & growing veg is concerned. I'm sorting plant & flowers on the decking so all al earning curve for me at moment but enjoying every minute of it!

25 Jul, 2009


your welcome

25 Jul, 2009


Sorry noseypotter. I did not mean to make you think I was ignoring your suggstions. I thanked Seburngirl for welcoming me to the site and the rest of my reply was aimed at both of you for your suggestions.

I can see, however, after reading it back, how it might look I was only thanking SBG.

Apologies & thanks for your suggestions.

26 Jul, 2009


ow no worries oddbillie and welcome and hello seaburn hope everyone is good x

26 Jul, 2009

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