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my new garden pond when I put the water in the pond sinks a bit after 2 hours is this normal ?

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No - it suggests you have a small leak somewhere. YOu might get some evaporation with no rain over a few days, particularly in hot weather, but not in two hours.

13 May, 2012


When you say new pond? I wonder how new and is it a non rigid liner? With a non rigid liner the water will appear to sink the first few times its filled as the liner settles fully into the pond

13 May, 2012


thank,s that help me

13 May, 2012


afraid you havea leek .

13 May, 2012


U made me larf noseyP

4 Apr, 2013


well thats all we have realy dogsbo lol but do tell ?

4 Apr, 2013


actualy relooking at your question if its a liner it could just be settling in and youl know then if its leeking just bye filling it up agaian to the brim wear it runs over and make a point of watching it . even a plastic or even a big fiberglass mould can suffer from subsidance as your talking of thousands o pouns of wieght in an averadge biggish pond ie mine . they can evaperate quit quickly but not 2 hours more like days realy .i hope this helps but you probably know now anyway .

4 Apr, 2013

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