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I keep finding very small white & sometimes blue round pearl like eggs in plantpots I am cleaning out & I've also found them in bags of compost, can anyone tell me what they are please. Thanks nick4859



If they are white and slightly translucent, they may be slug and snail eggs. Put them out for the birds! If they are yellow they are plant food pellets.

5 Oct, 2012


I agree with Volunteer,but as an add on they might also be water retention pellets!

5 Oct, 2012


A quick guide - if you can squish it with a finger, it is an egg, with fertiliser pellets tend to be hard as they are slow release. Slug eggs can be pearl like to translucent.

5 Oct, 2012


Those slug/snail eggs are rather beautiful aren't they? Shame we gardeners all dislike the hatched creatures so much. Especially this year.

6 Oct, 2012


I think that you will find that they are slow-release fertiliser pellets. They will be of a different colour dependent apon their chemical constituent and the length of their life. When exhausted they will become soft inside so they will squish when pressured between your fingers.

7 Oct, 2012

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