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Please can anyone help with identification?
I bought an offer from Thompson and Morgan a couple of months ago, six each of six plug tiny plants. I think it might have been advertised in Gardener's World. I labelled them all carefully, only to find yesterday that the "permanent" marker in fact wasn't!
Please can anyone help? One variety was lavender and one is digitalis, I think. I wonder of anyone else bought this offer and could help me?
I've added a picture, but not sure if it's sufficiently detailed.
Many thanks




Here's what I think - 1 - 6 top left to bottom right!!

1.Alstroemeria not convinced but its my guess :)
6.Dont know!!

6 Oct, 2012


Following the same order I think it might be Penstemon, Foxglove ( Digitalis ), Echinacea, Alchemilla ( Lady's Mantle ) ,Lavender and finally Don't Know.

6 Oct, 2012


I think 1 penstemon
2 digitalis
3 echinacea
4 geum
5 lavender
6 delphinium [?]

6 Oct, 2012


Thanks so much. This concurs with my vague memory of the offer. The bottom right plant is looking a bit sad, due to slug damage.
OK, I'll get them planted!

7 Oct, 2012


I would just like to say I too bought the plants in question 36 free perenials ,,as I was potting up my little babies a gust of wind blew them out of there plastic envelope and on to the floor,,boooooo,,I found the sticky lable attatched last night and can confirm the plants we bought were

Geum Mrs Bradshaw
Delphinium Pacific Giants
Digitalis Excelsior
Echinacea Primadonna
Lavender Hidcote
Penstemon Tubular Bells mix

this is not the order of your photo but sure someone will now use this info to our advantage .

7 Oct, 2012


Thanks so much! I was hoping another member might have bought the same offer. I've bought a. new permanent marker which I hope will be more effective than the previous one! I'll label them today.

8 Oct, 2012


Seaburngirl was right then, now I too can label my plants up correctly..Thanks for posting this Q and hope your pen stays put.

8 Oct, 2012


Find an old filofax ( that's a file that people used before fancy i-phones!) and keep labels/names etc safely filed in the address book section.

8 Oct, 2012


or use the plants in my garden facility on here. I add photos with it so I can recognise them when the labels fade.

8 Oct, 2012


OK, I'm back from my hols and need to get going in the garden!
My first question is:

Referring to the plants in the picture--I would like to plant them in a border. Am I too late?

I can't get any horse manure for love nor money and I don't have enough home made compost. Should I use general purpose compost from the garden centre, chicken manure pellets or what?


16 Oct, 2012


plant them now though make sure the drainage is good on the lavender and penstemons. I wouldnt feed them until the spring and then with a slow release one like growmore, or chicken pellets.

17 Oct, 2012

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