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Weed dilemma

west sussex, United Kingdom

I look out of my kitchen window onto a busy main road but I have a strip of garden there. I can see a huge weed (bit like hemlock but wrong stems) with large white umbrella like flower heads. My dilemma is, I know its a tough old weed but the insects love it and its covered all day long with bees, wasps and flies. To leave or destroy that is the question. My friend calls me a 'closet whimp' as in every other respect I am quite tough.



if you like it and you can see the benefit to the wildlife I'd leave it. I would certainly have a go at a proper id of it. if you havent got a wildflower book you can always borrow one from the local library. [The collins fieldguides are good ones.]

4 Aug, 2009


Thank you Seaburngirl. I've got a wildflower book but I think its still in the loft since we moved here 8 years ago!! I think I'll leave the weed until the seeds set and then deal with it.

4 Aug, 2009


If the plant is as tall or taller than you, Cammomile, then do not touch it until you have it properly id'd. From your description this plant could be Giant Hogweed. The sap of this weed will burn your skin and can be very nasty.
We have a lot of this in my locality and it has just finished flowering.

4 Aug, 2009


If it 'is' Giant Hogweed and it 'is' on your ground you have a duty to destroy as it is viewed as a noxious weed.

4 Aug, 2009


Apart from Moon growers wise words, and plants of similar ilk, think about the benefit all those insects are having in the remainder of your garden, and others.
In fact, if they had destroyed a similar plant that was growing in their garden, maybe you would not be receiving those insects in yours.
A simple rule to live by:
Of course, that doesn't mean that you cannot move it to a more suitable position.

4 Aug, 2009


Fingers crossed it is a different plant

4 Aug, 2009


I am pretty sure it's not giant hogweed - I have had first hand knowledge of that in a friend's garden and it is different. I don't think it's hemlock as the leaves are different - larger and hairier. Unfortunately I haven't as yet got a camera so until then I shall just have to search 'tinternet - I shall let you know and thanks.

5 Aug, 2009


Good luck I look forward to hearing what it is.

6 Aug, 2009

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