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Tomato blight

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Aside form not planting tomatoes in the same garden soil as affected this year, is there any other precaution that should be taken? Will fungus from this year in any way affect other gardens locations? Woudn't even one plant sprout prove disastrous to next year's crop even in a new location?



I tried a variety that was supposed to be resistant, but it still got blight! I think I will try a fungicide spray next year. It does overwinter in the soil, I think, so a fresh site will be a good idea.

10 Aug, 2009


You should make sure that all tomato material from this year is properly destroyed - roots, stalks and leaves. Do not put anthing in the compost bin as the spores could be carried over.
Next years blight will largely be dependant on next years weather. If it is warm and muggy for a period of time then blight is very likely again.

10 Aug, 2009


Surprisingly--our spring and summer, up until last week, was very cold and dry. I am surprised this happened. Must all be airborne.

10 Aug, 2009


Use a greenhouse / polytunnel. Everyone seems to have gotten it but my plants in the polytunnel are right as rain aside from too little feeding.

11 Aug, 2009


Having suffered from blight on the toms last year ( saved some ferline t ) I have sprayed with Bordeaux mixture this year which has turned the plants blue.. They seem to be OK still ,although not as bushy and vibrant as I expected. .Plenty of fruit though ,a few just turning red.
They look awful ( being blue ) but if the crop turn out OK it will have been worth it.

To have started seeds in January and then lose the crop to blight ,months later,is devastating.

12 Aug, 2009

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