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Cycad revoluta


By Arlene

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

~the leaves on my cycas revoluta are turning yellow at the base and I have had no new leaves this year~its in a bit of a shady position where it has been sheltered over the winter and has probably been kept a bit dry .
The pot is broken and I have it sat in the neck of another taller, wider , pot .
Can I pot it directly into the larger pot and if so what compost should I use.?
Will it be better off round the back of the house in full sun?
Any advice will be appreciated!



I'm trying one of these for the first time so I'm learning as I go! Mine arrived looking a bit poorly in hardly any compost so I repotted it using a mix of multipurpose compost and horticultural grit and kept it well watered but not soggy. It's been standing in three quarters sun (gets the sun from late morning) and seems pretty happy there. I would definitely move it out of the shade - it grows in fairly open conditions in the wild - and keep it moister but it may be a bit late to get any new fronds for this year

14 Aug, 2009


~thanks Andrew~I am a bit late in moving it,I was going to do it ages ago but this weekend will hopefully get it sorted,rain or no!

14 Aug, 2009


Cycas revoluta is extremely poisonous to humans and animals. Young children should be kept well away, and dogs too, as they seem to find the young fronds palatable. Be very aware.
Ideal temp = 30C-35C, in any open gritty soil, and will cope with -5C, but no lower.
Few folk realise it's need for these summer temps, which is difficult to attain in northern Europe, and equally so, a day period humidity, often achieved with a ground water source close by.
With good care it should live beyond 100 years!!!

14 Aug, 2009


thanks everyone~will be putting it in the greenhouse over the winter~

16 Aug, 2009

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