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how do you dead head sun flowers


By Nilsson

United Kingdom Gb

in my garden book it says to take of dead flowers how do you do it



I don't...I leave them for the birds - who adore them!!

22 Aug, 2009


If you can reach and they've finished flowering, snip the heads off and leave out for the birds. or if they're too high leave them on for the birds to help themselves.

22 Aug, 2009


You just pipped me to the post there alzhimer,

22 Aug, 2009


Yes - quite! I am beginning to think there are as many bird and animal lovers as plant lovers on this forum!!!

22 Aug, 2009


If the heads are in the way where they are cut off part way down the stem, tie them all together and hang up somewhere for the birds to eat - they LOVE sunflower seeds.

Alzheimer my take is if you are interested in growing things you are probably interested in all of nature.

22 Aug, 2009


You took the words right out of my mouth, Moongrower! Interest in gardening usually leads to interest in related stuff, like birds, etc.

22 Aug, 2009


Yup Bamboo - basically I think we care about he planet as a whole!

22 Aug, 2009

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