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Move a 20ft tall Weeping Cherry tree?

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My husband planted a Weeping Cherry Tree in our front lawn in Memory of our beloved granddaughter who was murdered in 1999. She was not yet 21-yrs old. It has grown into the most beautiful tree, and we would like to move it to our new home. Is this possible, and/or practical?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.



I am very sorry to hear about your granddaughter.

I asked a question recently about moving a tree and the the best time seems to be when the tree is dormant to give it the best possible chance of recovery.

If you are prepared to spend a lot of time digging - and get most of the roots out then it may be possible. It still might be a gamble as to whether the tree will survive. There are companies that supply mature trees and it might be worth asking them for advice as they may have specialist knowledge of how to do it, unless they grow all their tree in tubs from scratch.

Maybe someone else on this site will have experience of doing this.

27 Aug, 2009


i think the advice weedfingers sais is spot on i also think you mite have to cut a lot of the growth of so in spring the plant hasnt got to support it and try and through new roots down at the same`s the tap root thats going to suffer depending on how far down the water table is.thats a hell of a big tree to move though truley sorry about your daughter bless her.i should think you will need to employ people with digging machinery /crane etc rather than just a mite be worth getting in touch with the people weerfingers suggested.the forestry are another company you could ask .also zoos when they make new egsibits excuse my spelling have to plant large specemins because of the nature of the animals that live there.that is worth asking.the other option that ive know doubt you have thaught of is asking the new owners or putting it in the deeds that they keep the tree.just a thaught.if you look on my blogs you will see an item called modern fossils or glass seams terrible to be trying to sell you something at such a delcat time and subject but my dad passed away and his faverite rose was called blue moon .i got some glass painted the roses on it and yaght varnished over the paint from the back.then i put a reinforced cement boarder round the glass and pressed the blue moon rose leaves of his into the frame .now i have his flower and the impression of the actual leaves of his rose round the`s just a thaught and i would even though i dont know you truley consider your loss and your dilema especialy as its a fairly new idea of can ask a few of my frie4nds on a good man and have just finished an elephant drawing for a lovley lady called amy and she had a modern fossil of me of of an indian bean web site is another possability you may not of thaught of is taking some cuttings of of the tree .theres a very wise plantsman on here called doctor bob who will be able im sure to answer your questions.if you do take cuttings do take qute a few as some mite not take .i do wish you well on your quest and i will have my fingers crossed take care bye for if you do move the tree and i hope you do succeed one way or the other consider this potential dilema again before you replant.take care

28 Aug, 2009


Hello Elliemae,
I am so sorry to hear about your Grandaughter what an awful thing to happen and I can perfectly understand why you want to keep this tree rather than just plant a new one.
It is not easy to tell you how to move your tree as you are across the pond. You need to wait for the fall. I have moved the same type of tree on more than one occasion. The tree should be kept watered before trying to move it. Dig a trench around the tree 2 feet wide in a circle away from the root run. Dig under half the tree, pull in a polytarp, continue on the other half. Put ropes on to secure the polytarp. Tighten up with several spanish windless. Lay the tree to ground level, wrap loosely with dust sheets. Now you need strong men to lift it. Have a long bar padded to put under the tree against the root ball, the bar should be long enough for two men either side. Lift onto a 4 wheeled trolley. A low trailer will be needed for transport.
Hope this will help you with your problem. Good Luck.

28 Aug, 2009


I wonder if, instead of taking (and risk losing) the tree, you might consider taking a seed or cutting or similar?
I don't know how you would do it as I'm not that well informed as to trees.

28 Aug, 2009


We all hope that you can move this special tree successfully, Elliemae, as it is obviously a great comfort to you after your terrible loss.

Good luck!

28 Aug, 2009


i knew you would come through doc brilliant

28 Aug, 2009

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