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killing off tree stumps

Bedfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just removed some tree stumps from my sons garden. There are still some deep roots that i cannot get out. What is the best way to stop them growing back. I was told by a friend to pour creosote on the base.Also told to drill into the thick base.We are laying a new patio next spring and i don't want any new growth coming back from these old tree stumps. Thanks.Ali-bongo



I have done this with 30 of the common willows and 2 nigra - too expensive to have them stump grinded.
After applying a chain and cutting to ground level. The tree surgeon drilled large holes all over especially around the edges just inside the bark and poured in stump killer (ideally do in the first 48 hours after felling).
About a week later I repeated the application (just cos I wanted to). That was 4 years ago and they have all rotted away.We did get fungus on the stumps at first but I left it alone and it disappered. Good luck. p.s we planted with other trees. I cannot advise about the patio but as they rot wont it sink?

3 Sep, 2009


Please read my blog on tree stump treatments - its short and can be found by clicking on my icon and selecting the right blog. Tells you exactly what and how, and saves me having to say it all again - that's why I wrote it!

3 Sep, 2009


It's been suggested privately to me that my response above is very offputting and impatient - I hope you haven't interpreted it that way, Alibongo - it's just me being lazy;-)

4 Sep, 2009


we have a patio over an old apple orchard. the stumps are still rotting 10 yrs on in the lawn and sinking taking up to a barrow of soil a yr. under the patio we have left a gap in the pointing and keep filling this yr on year with sand and water in well 1-2 ltrs of sand a yr so far the patio has not suffered too badly but do not know how long we will have to keep filling. i used sodium chlorate to kill weeds/growth in this area. but be careful with this as it can bleed into other areas killing everything

4 Sep, 2009


I sympathise Rhus - this is one of the problems with killing off tree stumps instead of removing them.

4 Sep, 2009


Killing elder stumps in my fathers garden many years ago, I used the following method:
Drill many 4" deep holes in the stump top. Collect your night waste water (pee) and pour it down the stump holes. Repeat every week for four weeks. Use night water (the neighbours complain when I apply it direct from the source ;-)).
Result: Dead stumps.

4 Sep, 2009


Bamboo: It didn't sound offputting or impatient or abrupt, or rude, or harsh, just straight and direct. ;-)

4 Sep, 2009

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