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pear problem


By Charlie

suffolk, United Kingdom

my conference pear tree is laden with perfect fruit but theleaves have black spots also there is a hard black fungus on some of the branches making them old looking the tree is only 7 years old.



found this on the RHS site..

Full details
Pear leaf blister mite

Microscopic in size, pear leaf blister mite lives within the foliage. In spring, new foliage develops pink or pale green blotches that gradually become brownish black (below).

Several generations occur during summer, giving the tree an unhealthy appearance, although it seems to have little effect on overall vigour and the fruit is not affected. There are no effective pesticides for garden use. On lightly infested trees, remove affected leaves or shoots in the spring to prevent further spread.

hope it helps..

7 Sep, 2009

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