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How to get my cheese plant to thrive?


By Bobbins

United Kingdom Gb

I've had a cheese plant since University, it has grown to be huge, but is still in a relatively small pot (approx 8 inches). I recently had to move it and because it needs to be staked, the only place I could put it was in a north/east facing window. It doesn't seem too happy.

I water it once a week. I don't know how often I should water it, or if I should move it to the shade? thanks for any help!



Hi, Bobbins, welcome to GoY. You've had your cheese plant since University... so how old is it?

Here's when to water, push a wooden barbeque skewer into the pot down to the roots, leave it in place for 5 minutes. Take it out, if it's dry or nearly dry, water it until water flows out of the drainage holes.
If the compost is bone dry, dampen the surface with a spray before watering.

Transfer it into the biggest pot you can comfortably live with (and handle), including drip tray. It will need to be repotted into fresh compost every year.

Its a tropical plant, so keep it warm and out of draughts. Next to a window can be bad as the glass is not insulated enough to keep the correct temperature during the cool evenings.
Feed every 2 weeks in summer with multi-purpose plant food.
If the compost stays too wet it will sour then the roots rot and the plant dies. Roots need water and air to remain healthy.

If it's getting too tall you can cut it back a bit you know.

I think that's about it, unless anyone else can suggest anything?

I hpoe this helps. If it doesn't, at least it gave you something to read ;-)

8 Sep, 2009

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