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Neighbours Ivy


By Saiyuki

hants, United Kingdom Gb

Hello. I have recently moved into a retirement 2 bedroom bungalow and have started 'doing the garden' for my disabled wife. There are concrete posts (approx 1 mtr high), dividing my neighbours gardens (on both sides), with the old chicken wire in-between. Both sides had put fencing up around 25 years ago, but i want to put up new fencing on both sides.

One sides fencing is still in pretty good shape (apart from me seeing the concrete posts in my garden), but the other side is delapitated and covered in Ivy. I think the Ivy is holding up the fence (hehe). There is a mtr wide path running along side it.

I spent several hours reclaiming the path from the Ivy's root encroachment, just so my wife could use her wheelchair. I'm concerned that if i put up new fencing, the Ivy will just grow across onto the new and cover it.

The neighbour with the Ivy does not appear to be friendly or sociable, so with that in mind, i'm not interested in building bridges just for the sake of it, it's better to leave them to their own devices, misery, or whatever they are happy in being.

So. Is there any hope that i could put up new fencing without having Ivy run all over it. There will be a gap of approx 150mm between fencing panels, and Ivy is not included in my plans for a garden that my wife can enjoy.

Your help would be appreciated.




Hi there ivy is a pest it is very invasive.Apart from keep cutting it back thats about the only thingyou can do.ROZZ12 is asking a similar question you might get some more advice.

8 Sep, 2009


I'm afraid it sounds as if the ivy will do exactly that, and will be covering your new fence in no time. It might be better not to bother with the fence, unless its essential, because that way you'll have easier access to the ivy as it attempts to cross the path you want your wife to use. The only other option is to discuss with the neighbour whether they're prepared to have the existing fence, and most of the ivy, removed, and the ivy roots poisoned to prevent regrowth.

8 Sep, 2009


Thanks for the inputs. I was afraid i would have no joy with this stuff. The only thing spoiling the look of the garden is/would be the fencing that is there now. I think we need someone to invent an Ivy deterrant fencing paint.


8 Sep, 2009

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