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I have two and a half 'standard' marguerittes.....(The 'half' is half dead!) What do I do with these in the winter???



Unless you live somewhere very mild and sheltered, they won't survive the winter outside. You can overwinter them as houseplants indoors, or box them in spent compost/sand mix, cut the tops a bit and leave them in a cool room, watering just enough to stop them dying from drought, probably a drop every 6/8 weeks. Then repot them in March and start them back into growth again in the house, put back outside mid to end May.

14 Sep, 2009


Thanks Bamboo- Just hope I can remember all that......The 'cool' room might have to be the garage....!

Can I just leave them in the containers they are rooted in -or should I take them out?

15 Sep, 2009


You can leave them in their current pots - not promising they'll survive in the garage though - no light at all and possibly not warm enough, but these days, with heating, producing an unheated room in the house isn't easy... good luck anyway.

15 Sep, 2009


The stem is the most vulnerable part so you could use lengths of the foam insulation they sell for water pipes.

15 Sep, 2009


I do have a south window in the garage Bamboo.
An excellent idea Wagger!

15 Sep, 2009


Well then, they should be okay - it'll even be a bit warmer with any sun coming in from the south.

15 Sep, 2009

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