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bizzy lizzie cuttings

London, United Kingdom Gb

im a very in experienced newbie so this might seem silly to ask, but, im assuming my bizzy lizzies will die off soon in my garden, i took some cuttings earlier in the year ( more for practice than anything else ) and there doing well outside in there pots, if i bring these cuttings inside for the winter will they survive or am i wasting my time ?



They'll survive, but you should treat them as houseplants, you can't leave them in a dark, cool place to over winter.

14 Sep, 2009


thanks, il bring them in soon and place them on a window sill, hopefuly that will be ok for them

14 Sep, 2009


Just don't leave them between drawn curtains and the window during the winter - its a cold place to be at night;-)

14 Sep, 2009


thanks for that Bamboo, it didnt cross my mind !

14 Sep, 2009


Hi' Tomo6314 and Hi' Bamboo, I just want to give a word of worning this year I got some bizzy lizzies from morgan thompson, I belive that you can use them as an indoor plant, so as they were blue and acording to them on the market for the first time,I intended to plant outside as I did and was going to over winter them as plants or cuttings, but all though they were helthy , they were a little too healthy the bushes were enormas and the flowers were not in proportain, I have dug them out and compased them , no way could I have had them indoors,the word trifit comes to mind,

15 Sep, 2009


Wow, thanks cliff, never seen blue ones before, these are just your normal run of the mill bizzie lizzies so i should be ok

15 Sep, 2009

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