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FATSIA JAPONICA - will a large tub suffice?

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Hi all!

I have a japonica in a lovey bronzed effect planter which is approximately 35cm deep by about 30-35cm across - slightly narrower at bottom.

We were going to dig an area over as a border by the side f the decking but the large conifer roots and clay soil made us decide against this move. So, my question is this:

Will the japonica, which I know is a hardy, well-growing plant, be happy in a large planter of about 41cm deep and 62cm across? Will it be okay if I keep it cut back each year or does the root system need to definitely be in the ground?

The other option is to dig some of the ground, try and cut any roots and add some sand to mix in with the soil. Then, place the planter on top with top soil and hope the roots grow down into the soil underneath....

Any advice is greatly appreciated as we love this plant!!



I have actually done both in the past. I think it probably depends on how well established your plant is to start off with. I had a Fatsia in a large tub for several years and all I did was feed it (fairly) regularly - eventually it got leggy and I transferred it to the garden, it didn't regrow the bottom leaves though. Another time I put a largish shrub straight into the garden (clay soil 'and' conifer roots too nearby) Didn't do anything special at all - and it romped away! This was in the UK. Here in Spain I have had no lasting luck at all - I think the pots get too warm and my flower beds are not shaded enough. Hey ho - Good Luck :-)
Chris xx

8 Oct, 2009


Like Fenclare both of mine are in heavy clear under a tree and in front of conifers and they seem very happy, about 6'x3' each I dont feed or water.

8 Oct, 2009


Oddbilly I'd put in the ground if you possibly can. There was (possibly still is) one growing in a garden an hour's drive from here. Huge thing several metres high and across. We had one in our garden for years and decided to remove - took a lot of effort.

8 Oct, 2009


Right, looks like it might be worth my while digging it over and doing a nice big hearty hole to plant this beauty in!!

Thanks to all 3 of you as it has made me a little more confident about planting in the location with the circumstances available.

Will keep you posted.

8 Oct, 2009


Off you go and dig that nice big hole - lol

8 Oct, 2009


Off fo week from Sunday and starting back in garden on Monday:0)

How's your 'patch' coming along on your neighbours land MG?

8 Oct, 2009


Getting there Oddbillie... himself has not finished the digging over yet and we are still trying to locate horse muck (plenty of riders but where do they live?) Beyond that it is coming together and we're looking forward to next spring.

8 Oct, 2009


nearest stables Moongrower?

9 Oct, 2009


Further than I would want to drive with sacks or horse manure in car... we don't have a trailer and I'd be scared to use if we did. Just need to get organised I know :-)

9 Oct, 2009

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