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Is this one of the honeysuckles?


By Milky

United Kingdom Gb

Ray brought 3 of these home yesterday, that were given to him.....I thought at 1st they were Clematis, but now I' ve seen this spent flower head I'm not so sure...Can anyone confirm for me please?.....




Hi Milky definitely not clematis... leaves don't look right for honeysuckle to me but I'm happy to be corrected.

9 Oct, 2009


Seed heads are very wrong for Clematis. Cannot off hand think of any Honeysuckles(Lonicera) with serrated leaves like that either.

9 Oct, 2009


Milky, pretty certain it's a spindle berry, although someone might think differently.

9 Oct, 2009


I'd agree Doctorbob, the seedpods are quite a distinct shape on the euonymus family

9 Oct, 2009


yes i thought spindle berry too. but dont know which one.

9 Oct, 2009


Thanks Doctorbob, Andrew, and Seaburn.... Had a look and you are right....Definately a Spindleberry.

9 Oct, 2009


As an addendum, are the leaves alternate or opposite?

The closely related genus to Euonymus that are twining climbers is the genus Celastrus. I only ask this as you enquired if it was a Honeysuckle? It's definitely either one of the Euonymus or one of the Celastrus. The leaf position will tell you which as their fruits are very similar.

ps the leaves of Euonymus are in opposite pairs up the stem. Celastrus leaves alternate and generally the stem has a distinctive twining habit.

9 Oct, 2009


Oooh Fractal I have just checked and they are alternate.......Thankyou so I know which it is

10 Oct, 2009



I have looked more closely at the seed heads and now think that they are a type of Ceanothus!

It looks to be one of the larger leaved, deciduous types though as opposed to the more familiar evergreen types.

C. 'Marie Simon' looks to be a good bet. The leaf veination is a perfect match too.

Get there in the end!

10 Oct, 2009


Fractal....have googled Ceanothus marie simon, but I cant find a pic close up enough to confirm it. If it is, I shall be really pleased, but may have to wait til next year now to find out. Thankyou for you effort anyway....Lol

11 Oct, 2009

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