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I am new to gardening i got a small greenhuse and a small heater but i dont know what i can start to grow right now can any one help
Thanks Alf



now is a good time to plant bulbs like daffs and tulips. If you plant paperwhites you can have them blooming by christmas!

11 Oct, 2009


Um Gardening Express are you here to be part of GoY or to promote your site?

11 Oct, 2009


Alf you certainly do not need to use a greenhouse to start of bulbs! Either plant them in the garden or in pots... What are you interested in plant wise? Lots of plants will survive overwinter outside.
In your greenhouse you could start to grow sweet peas and broad beans both of which would be transplanted out next year.

11 Oct, 2009


Welcome Standish Moongrower is right bulbs outside, seeds, cuttings and over wintering plants in your greenhouse. Dont paperwhites get top heavy and fall over? lots of other narcissi too choose from.

11 Oct, 2009


Paperwhite daffs. really are only for indoors and yes they invariably get top heavy and have to be tied up. Love the scent but gave up on them as they look so untidy...

12 Oct, 2009


Hi thanks for your replies i am going to go and get some seeds today i will try to grow the things you'ev sugested if there is any more please let me know and i will try them again thanks

12 Oct, 2009


You could also try salad leaves

12 Oct, 2009

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