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Hi everyone, Could any of you nice folk out there please recommend a good climbing rose that will look good and do well on the front of our house? The property faces NORTH.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated



Golden showers is a very old yellow one that I seem to remember will grow on a north wall,but there is certainly another more modern yellow one - can't remember the variety even though i've grown it!

8 Dec, 2012


Thanks Steragram, I'll keep my eye on it,

8 Dec, 2012


Zephirine Drouhin is a gorgeous, thornless, scented, deep pink lady who grows well on the permanently shaded north-facing wall round our front door.

9 Dec, 2012


Leverkusen is a pale yellow one that grows well for me in shade

9 Dec, 2012


New Dawn [my avitar pic] is good in partial shade too.

9 Dec, 2012


Good morning everyone,
Thankyou all very much for your suggestions they have been very helpfull.
P.S. I do wish I could type my queries and thankyous a little faster, it takes me ages. Im flipping rubbish just another reason they call me

10 Dec, 2012


Try touch typing lessons at your local technical college.
Time well spent.

10 Dec, 2012


I think there are a lot of us two fingered typists on here, Phil. It takes me twice as long to go back and correct my mistakes as it does to type them (trying to hurry) in the first place! I once did a touch typing course, and and tried and practiced so very hard, but knew from the very start I'd never get the hang of it. I still have to watch what my my fingers are doing. Thank goodness for a computer/word processor so no tippex is ever needed!

11 Dec, 2012


Pauls scarlet does well on a north wall Phil, also pink perpetue.

15 Dec, 2012

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