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When to stop feeding the goldfish?

Cardiff, Wales Wal

Can you tell us please when we should stop feeding our goldfish and carp (2) in a smallish pond? Should we wait until after the temperature drops below 15 degrees?




hello , I am still feeding my own fish at present, koi, goldfish and common carp, I have always found it easier to watch my fish,s behaviour when it gets colder they will stop responding to the sound of food hitting the surface and are generally lethargic, then you can stop feeding them altogether, its surprising how long they can go without food,as the days are getting cooler now it would be a good idea to switch them to wheatgerm food before they stop alltogether ,this you can pick up at any aquatic store, they find this easier to digest when its cooler, hope it helps.

25 Oct, 2009


good avice Ogon - my simpal way is to put ONE pellet in pondand wate to see waht happan. if they com up like Pirahna, they get mor.

25 Oct, 2009


koi carp cannot digest high protein food as the weather get colder. Wheatgerm is the best food for their digestion system. They can go without food during the winter months( when it`s really cold )The last few years I have fed my kio throughout the winter Dec to April with a small amount of wheatgerm when they asked for it ( no not verbally ) I believe that this has been better for my fish because I haven`t had the potential fish loss issues you sometimes get in the spring when you restart feeding as the weather gets warmer. hope this helps

25 Oct, 2009


I've been leaving mine for 2-3 days at a time and giving them less. They are still interested so I have given them small amounts. I think it depends on the size of your pond. Mine are just in a barrel pond so have less to nibble on than a larger one. They tend to stay at the bottom when I approach if they aren't hungry.

25 Oct, 2009


i dont feed mine in winter at all they just eat what critters they can find in the pond.

25 Oct, 2009


Thanks everyone,
sorry I dont think I responded at the time!

26 Apr, 2010

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