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I would like to purchase an Orange tree, I live high up in the Pennines in an apartment and therefore only have a (large) terrace so need one that can live in a pot. My terrace is south facing and very sheltered. Can anybody reccomend a specific type for me? Thanks



Lemons are usually cited as the most productive citrus fruits growing in containers though you should be fine with Oranges too. They all like the same conditions, loam based compost, good light and allowed to dry off slightly between watering. Keep outdoors in high summer, bringing back in before it gets too cold (especially at night). Do not under any circumstances hard prune them or you will lose it. Tip prune only to make bushy and feed regularly. Most of the genus citrus actually originate from the tropics of south east Asia and are best with some humidity so during winter in dry central heated rooms, stand plant on a large gravel tray kept moist to help maintain that humidity.

29 Oct, 2009


ps Don't buy a large expensive plant. Start with a small one and grow it on.

One other point, move up slowly in pot size with no big jumps. They need to be able to fill the new soil space in the pot with roots asap to avoid potential root rot. No problem in open ground, can be tricky in a container if you jump up a pot size too far.

29 Oct, 2009

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