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Clematis identity please.
This is one that has fluffy seed heads. If anyone knows the variety it would be appreciated. Thank you.



Could be clematis multi blue. There's a picture on the BBC Plant Finder site.

26 Nov, 2009


Thanks Wagger - I'll have a look now. :-)

26 Nov, 2009


I have this one and i think mine is multi-blue...:>)

26 Nov, 2009


Yes - agreed - saw this at B&Q and thought it was a beauty! :-)))

26 Nov, 2009


I look on BBC Plant Finder and it certainly looks the same. So does yours have fluffy seed heads Motinot? If so, its got to be the one :-)

26 Nov, 2009


Thanks Spritz - I can add it to my plants now.

26 Nov, 2009


All Clematis that set seed have fluffy seed heads.
The A483 between Ruabon and Chirk is bordered by miles of Clematis vitalba seed heads. They used to be called 'Old man's Beard'.

26 Nov, 2009


I've been noticing fluffy seed heads in the hedges on the trails when I've been walking the dog. Very interesting, thank you. So in theory, I could collect some of these and get them growing in the hedges around my woodland - what do you think Owdboggy.

26 Nov, 2009


Only if you want to be overrun with them. They are as invasive as Bindweed and not as pretty. The flowers are very undistinguished.
Clematis is fairly easy from viable seed, sown freshly. Have a look at any of your existing Clematis, especially the C. viticella types. Viable seed is plump and obvious, at the end of the 'dandelion' type tails. Nip off the tail and sow in ordinary compost, now and leave to the winter and they usually germinate in Spring. They take about 3 years to reach flowering size. As hybrids they may not come true.

26 Nov, 2009


Maybe not such a good idea then Owdboggy. I have bindweed - the bane of my life. I have a Clematis viticella abundance - I'll try what you've said, thank you so much.

26 Nov, 2009


I have only today posted a pic on my photo's mine isnt as open as yours but its called Multi blue,it such a beauty.

27 Dec, 2011


I'll take a look at yours Liverbird.

29 Dec, 2011

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