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By Chasbro

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

why do the sprouts on my brussels plants not swell out?



they seem to have bolted a bit, you could wate,or nip the tops out ,if they are more than 30inches ,I would take the tops off if not then wate they have plenty of time yet,could still get a feed on christmas day,

9 Dec, 2009


Sprouts like to be firmly planted. If they are not and have loose root systems it is quite common for them to 'blow' and produce loose leaves instead of tight buttons.
But don't despair! As Cliffo says there is time for them to do something.
Even if proper 'sprouts' don't develop, harvest the tops and the sprouts as open leaves right up to late spring.
The leaves have the same delicious sprout flavour and treating them as 'spring greens' gives you a lot of tasty greens at a time when there's nothing much else about.
You can even pick the flowering shoots which begin later as a poor man's sprouting broccoli. These are equally delicious.

9 Dec, 2009


Thanks for the response

9 Dec, 2009

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