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What happened to my sprouts? For months I have been carefully tending my prize crop of brussel sprouts - 4 sturdy plants, my best ever, each containing plenty of large, firm, tightly packed succulent buttons. I was saving them for Christmas Day. But when I went to gather them, after the snow had melted, disaster! 4 foot high plants had been reduced to mere 6 inch bare stubs. Sprouts, leaves, the head - all had been devoured. And the same fate befell my brocolli. The site on which they grow is surrounded by fields - could it be rabbits, crows or pheasants? . With such voracious appetites? The utter devastation would indicate something larger. Whatever it was, I just hope they enjoyed their Christmas treat.

Thank you

Keith Wade, Weald, Sevenoaks, Kent, UK



I put some sprouts and broccoli in the greenhouse ready for the weekend and within five days all the tips of the brocolli had been eaten and half of the sprouts too. mice were the ulprits going by the tell tale droppings so could well be the same for you.

30 Dec, 2009


or pigeons?

30 Dec, 2009


i have had pigeons strip winter cabbages in an afternoon so that is a very probable culprit.

30 Dec, 2009


That amount of damage sounds like Deer, were there footmarks around?

30 Dec, 2009


If they had eaten the stalks down to ground level I would agree with Doctorbob.

30 Dec, 2009


I would think Deer too. Rabbits and Pigeons would not eat all of them . Maybe the neighbours cows got in!!! They would eat the lot but probably pull the roots out as well.

31 Dec, 2009


Maybe the neighbours!

31 Dec, 2009

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