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By Uriahtv

Croatia Hr

I have question about two exotic trees. Candle stick tree and midnight horror known as Indian trumpet. Any experience you can share whit me, because i have seeds and i like to plant them.

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Hi Uriahtv and welcome to GoY I have no experience of either of these trees but I'm sure a fellow GoYer will have

26 Dec, 2009


For candlestick tree (cassia) type into your search engine cassia germination and browse through sites. I think the Indian trumpt will be found under brugmansia.

26 Dec, 2009


Also, since I am planning to start Cassia leptophylla from seed this year, the research I did said that all relatives of the pea family (includes cassia) may benefit from smoke treatment; either mix a little Liquid Smoke or wood ashes in the water you soak them in after lightly scarifying and before sowing (overnight). Hope that helps.

26 Dec, 2009


Thank you. You are very nice.

26 Dec, 2009

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