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Gentian SaxosaAfter winter care advice please?

Edinburgh, Scotland Sco

Gentian Saxosa
After winter care advice please? Some of the leaves are turning yellow. Is this normal or does it need a feed of something?
It was over wintered under a cloche - which was removed regularly for ventilation - could this have been a factor? Thanks.




Lovely to meet you on Saturday, Scottish, hope you enjoyed yourself. I did not see your question until I got home today.
Gentiana saxosa is a lovely little white flowered gentian from NZ. Most evergreen plants will lose some leaves over winter so this is not unusual. In cultivation it is not considered to be a long lived plant and regular propagation from seed is recommended or, more easily, be prepared to replace it when it finally says goodby. Some say that it is not fully hardy but, as it lives high in the Southern Alps with very cold, snowy winters, I suspect that winter wet is more of a problem. We have grown it and kept it for a few years in the rockery without any extra protection. It wants a very well drained soil and a sheet of glass over it in winter would probably help, although we have never bothered. In a pot I would suggest a gritty compost and some protection in winter, even if just under a sheet of glass.

7 Apr, 2013


Nice to meet you and MG too B :)
Enjoyed my day. It's really spurred me on to get my troughs going. I want to wait until it warms up a bit though as I don't want to be worrying about those plants too. I intend to do a blog with some pictures I took. Including one I think is a Fritillaria belonging to you both! Thanks again for the Semps.
Thanks for advice regarding Gentian. I had hoped it was just a winter thing. I asked one of the plants person selling plants as their Gentian was looking a bit similar. Needs sun!!!!!
I'll need to find out how to propagate. It was quite a large plant and wasnt cheap (Dobbies rip off)
Thanks x

8 Apr, 2013

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