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I have two Hebes. One has grown so big it is preventing use of our garden path. The other has got leggy with age. What I would really like to do is cut them both hard back to say 30cm from ground level. Will this kill them and if not, when is best time to do?
The leggy Hebe is called 'Red Edge'. The other one has light green small leaves. Not sure what this one is called.



Cut them down to ground level in March. Feed with Blood, Fish and Bone and mulch with compost. In June you can thin out the new growth.

17 Jan, 2010


Sorry I forgot to mention, I beleive your other Hebe is Pagei.

17 Jan, 2010


yes both can be pruned hard in march/april. give the ground a sprinkling of fertilizer too.
I used to have red edge but hubby didnt like it so it got removed.

17 Jan, 2010

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