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I have an amaryllis bulb which has finished flowering but still has the leaves. I want to keep it until next year, but it is so large I can't imagine what to do with it until September when it has to be taken up and dried until Christmas (or have I got this wrong). I don't have the use of a greenhouse any more but would a sheltered spot in the garden do - always supposing the weather cheers up?



yes you can place it out in the summer. I feed mine with house plant food and water freely. It then gets put out in the sunny [?] spot and I bring it in in September. If all the leaves have died off then I keep it frost free. One didn't die back at all and it flowered in February/march the following year.

8 Apr, 2013


Thankyou, I didn't manage to save the last one as I wasn't sure what to do with it.

8 Apr, 2013


One of our members 'Balcony' has helped me with all my queries on this plant worth having a look at his pages. Sure the info there will help you. :O)

10 Apr, 2013


Yes I looked at his info but I was confused about how long you had to look after it before taking it out and repotting again. It seems an age to look after a few leaves, although the end result is spectacular!

10 Apr, 2013

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