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any one know wot this is , its in clumps around the garden , but mostly along the top bank next to the fence.. looks like giant cress seedlings at the mo. came up fast .




You'll need wait until the first pair of true leaves appear to get an i.d.

22 Apr, 2013


some one said it may be himalian balsome

22 Apr, 2013


Right now it could be anything... This is the link to the RHS page on Himalayan balsam so once the true leaves are visible if they look like the leaves in the photo then possibly.

If you didn't plant it and you don't want whatever it is weed it out now before it is too late.

22 Apr, 2013


ok thanks for that

22 Apr, 2013


If you look at Spritzhenrys recent blog, after the flood in her garden the himalayan balsam seedlings are infesting her garden and she
posted some photo's but as mg says you are best to wait for the true leaves

22 Apr, 2013


went over pamg , had a look and it def is . o.h. is digging it out right now ... horrid stuf .. thanks both .

24 Apr, 2013

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