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Deciduous Shrub ID please
Sorry the flower is a bit out of focus - it was difficult to get a shot in the sun.
It's probably a very easy one. It grows in a neighbours garden and through my trellis. It's the first time I've seen any flowers on it as he always prunes at the wrong time ( I told him to keep his hands off it last year)
The reason I ask is that it copes will with all the flooding we get in that part of the garden, therefore it could be an option for planting in future.
Thanks in advance




Looks a bit like a viburnum opulus shrub I have got..

9 Jun, 2013


I think its Viburnum opulus too...

9 Jun, 2013


Should have some lovely red berries later then!

10 Jun, 2013


Thanks all. The berries will be a nice addition too Steragram

10 Jun, 2013

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