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Could you name this shrub for me please? It is rather like a lace-cap hydrangea - perhaps it is one?




Does it climb? It looks like my hydrangea petiolaris, which grows unsupported against a wall.

13 Jun, 2013


Not really, it just spreads in layers if you know what I mean. I shall look up your hydrangea and see what i think - thanks.

13 Jun, 2013


Mel.... it looks exactly like it but it isn't growing near a wall so has no support at all. It must be the same though.

13 Jun, 2013


Hello :-) I cant see the leaves but it looks very much like my Viburnum mariesii plicatum and that grows in layers and its the right time for flowering, hope this helps.

13 Jun, 2013


It's viburnum plicatum (there are a few cultivars). It's a bit too early for hydrangea, and the petals aren't right for hydrangea, (not serrated).

13 Jun, 2013


Glad you agree Worthy - I love the Viburnums, wouldnt be without them.

13 Jun, 2013


I'm sure you are right, Worthy, but my hydrangea is flowering right now.

14 Jun, 2013


We were out yesterday and were in a very pretty garden with a shrub exactly like ours and we found its label -'viburnum plicatum,' so I guess the mystery is now solved.

Many thanks for helping me.

15 Jun, 2013

How do I say thanks?

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